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cutting metal band saw blades

Brand : BXTOOL

Product origin : China

Delivery time : within 7-15 days after confirmed order

Supply capacity : 15 million meters per year

We have all different kinds of TPIS in BXTOOL factory, for27×0.90mm inch 1×0.035, we have 2T、2/3T、2/3T(wood)、3/4T、3/4TT、3/4PT、3/4CT、3/4FT、4T、4/6T、4/6TT、4/6PT、5/8T、5/8TT、6/10T、8T、8/12T,10/14T. Benxi Tool Co., Ltd was built in 1953, over 71000 square meters landscape, 400 workers. From the production of various kinds of cutting tools, changes gradually specialized in production of bi-metal band saw blades manufacturer.

Quick Details

Place of Origin:  Benxi,China

Grade:         M42-X

Size:          27×0.90mm inch 1×0.035

Brand Name:    BXTOOL brand

TPI:           2T、2/3T、2/3T(wood)、3/4T、3/4TT、3/4PT、3/4CT、3/4FT、4T、4/6T、4/6TT、4/6PT、5/8T、5/8TT、6/10T、8T、8/12T,10/14T

Application:  Universal Cutting. Better for cutting Medium, low hardness carbon steel, alloy steel (40Cr, 35CrMo), bearing steel (GCr15,GCr20), die steel (9Mn2V, Cr12Mo1V, DC53), tool steel (W18Cr4V, M42, M2) stainless steel, etc.

Introduction:  With the imported raw material of JBSLEE,and high-performance

M42 high-speed steel tooth material, produced by the high-standard heat treatment technology. Super quality and competitive prices, extremely cost-effective in the same-pricedmarket, meet your "low cost" requirements.

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