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CT carbide tipped band saw blades

Brand : BXTOOL

Product origin : China

Delivery time : within 7-15 days after confirmed order

Supply capacity : 15million meters per year

It is the most advanced product in the series of bimetal band saw blade. The welding strength can be increased by 50%. The hardness reaches 92.1 (HRA), welding strength 0.45KNxmm, the back is high alloy material of Austria Bohler company, it has the high strength and toughness high alloy material of Bohler company, and has high strength. Good toughness, strong anti-deformation force, Germany's advanced resistance direct welding technology, in the process of cutting tooth back stronger. The scientific design of the tooth shape makes the workload of each tooth more reasonable. Precise and unique population grinding makes the sawing smoother and the sawing surface smoother.

Products name: CT band saw blades

Grade: Tungsten Carbide tipped and Bohler backing material 

Size:  27×0.90mm inch 1×0.03534×1.1mm  inch 1 1/4×0.042 41×1.30mm inch 1 1/2×0.0554×1.60mm inch 2×0.06367×1.60mm inch 2 5/8×0.063

Brand Name:  BXTOOL brand

TPI:  3/4T2/3T3/4T2/3T1.4/2.0T3/4T2/3T1.4/2.0T1/1.25T3/4T2/3T1.4/2.0T1/1.25T1.4/2.0T1/1.25T0.75/1T

Set teeh or unset teeth

ApplicationHigh hardness steel, surface hardened steel, superalloy, titanium alloy, nickel alloy, composite graphite, precious and high hardness wood.

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